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The Benefits of Clairvoyant Readings and Healings

Clairvoyant Readings are Spirit to Spirit communication. During a reading Christy goes into trance and looks at your aura (body’s energy field). Whether it’s about, love, money, problems or you just want to know your next step in life. It appears in your aura.  You can receive your answers and balance your life with communication and energy balancing work done by using your own spiritual energy and Christy’s expert psychic abilities.

While Christy offers Clairvoyant Readings as stand alone appointments, she highly recommends that you have a reading followed by a massage right after the reading. This helps the body to integrate the energy work more quickly.

Christy can travel to your home or your favorite “Power Place” on the island of Hawai'i, to do readings and healings. Prices will vary according to travel time and distance.



30 min session: $100

60 min session: $150

Payment by cash or check.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy:

Appointments not cancelled before 24 hours will icur 50% of session fee.


About Christy

Reverend Christy Mulvey LMT has been a psychic her whole life. She has taught Clairvoyant Classes, Meditation Classes and Spiritual Healing Classes at the Clairvoyant Center of Hawai'i.

Currently, Christy has a private practice and offers Clairvoyant Readings and Spiritual Healings at her office or by phone.


Meditation Classes available.








Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Class 2015 April 2015 Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Class Graduates

                                                                 with Instructor Christy Mulvey LMT